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Martin B


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I tried to make fudge years ago in my sweet making years, it was an unmitigated disaster :oops: too much thermometer usage for my liking, so if anyone has a foolproof recipe, I am right behind Martin!


I understand you can buy a powder from QVC (calico cottage?) and have considered going down this route as I am a complete Fudge Monster. Otherwise Martin, get your coat and get down to Thorntons, theirs is delicious :D

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What sor tof fudge Martin - the soft chewy sort or the sugary sort?


Thorntons fudge is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - they sell it at a local garage.............


My car is a bit low on fuel at the moment........... back later...........


The soft stuff.

It's just something I want to try out! :)

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http://Better than what I did with Turkish delight though


My mind is boggling :lol:


I got my boiling points mixed up and used a lovely plastic/nylon spoon to stir the boiling sugar mixture. The spoon was made to withstand boiling temperatures up to 100 degrees, only I forgot sugar boils much much hotter! I only realised the spoon had melted when there was just a couple of inches of handle left, the bowl part had all melted :oops::oops::oops: Had to rush outside with a foil tray and s"Ooops, word censored!"e the saucepan empty of the boiling sugary nylon mess! Such a waste of ingredients, and Turkish Delight is easy to make and tasty too.


I might have made everlasting sweets, come to think of it! :shock::D

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