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Mel (& Paul)

You know when dogs have taken over your life..........

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I admit it


As well as being obsessed by chickens I am obsessed by dogs and dog agility shows...........







...have messy houses yet their kennels are spotless


...think everyone has dog crates in their living room


...have kids who know more about the "birds & the bees" when they're 5 than most people know when they're 40


...can never be reached on a weekend, they're usually at a dog show


...will drive 400 miles, spend £50 on diesel, £100 on a hotel and £50 on meals to bring home a 50p ribbon


...have kids who regard ""Ooops, word censored!"" as just another household word


...get up at 6am to walk dogs, can be at ringside 200 miles away by 9.00am but have trouble getting to work on time


...never miss a closing date for entries but pay the credit card bill 10 days late


...use dog food bags for rubbish and rubbish bins for dog food


...have parents who think they've lost their minds


...have dog friends who think they are terrific


...keep eating even after finding a dog hair in their pasta


...will usually give up the £100,000 home in the town for a shack in 10 acres so they can have £100,000 kennels


...only visit relatives if there is a dog show nearby


...are crazy


It was a slow day in heaven so god rang Satan


"Hey... it's a slow day up here in Heaven."


Satan agreed "Yea, it's slow down here too."


"So," said God "How about putting on a dog show? I've got all the dogs here!"


Satan asked "So why are you calling me?"


God replied "You've got all the judges!"

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Oh Mel!


That's just great


I admit to one or two of those but I shan't say which ones! :lol:


You also don't care if there is a dog hair on your best suit - if I do find one of Molly's I pick it off and put it in my pocket as I don't want to just leave a piece of her when she's not with me - is that truly loony?







completely normal :wink:

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