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Aquariums and fish - free to a good home

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Do you like keeping fish?...


Phil's sister is (reluctantly) looking for good homes for their fish collection and aquaria. She is located in Watford. They are totally FREE but will need collecting.


They have one Biorb (see photo from website below), containing 2 pearl goldfish, 1 blackmoor, 1 blackamoor that turned bronze and one goldfish.




I have a BiOrb myself and can vouch for how easy they are to maintain. This unit is currently being run as a coldwater aquarium, but a heater unit is also included.


Also available is a Juwel 70 litre aquarium complete with heater and filter, and stocked with 3 leopard catfish, about 12 tetra (2 different types) and some Gourami. Also included are about £70 worth of accessories.


Please PM Claret if you are interested and I can give you their contact number for more information or to view.

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They are great, the Eglu of the aquarium world!


I've had mine for 5 years now and the filtration system is unique and so easy to clean. The office and factory in Norfolk is near to my folks place, so we pop in to visit and colect supplies when we are over there - it's a family concern and has a similar feel to Omlet.

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Thanks for the interest guys. Here's an update


I had an email today from someone through work, who may be able to take the lot - he lives a few miles away and I have put him in touch with SIL.


I have also passed on the PMs that I have received from here so that she can decide what is the best option.


I will let you know what Katherine decides.

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They are lovely Paola and so easy to keep. We have the medium one, got it about 4-5 years ago. Feel free to ask if you have any queries.


I hope that your fish like it!




You might regret saying that :lol::lol::wink: I do love fish, very calming.


Are they easy to set up? How often do you need to clean them out?

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It's easy peasy to set up and maintain - there used to be guides saved as pdf documents on their site at http://www.reef-one.com, and like Omlet they are always happy to take calls with queries.


I would recommend setting it up and having it runing for about a week before buying the fish, that way the beneficial bacteria that provide the filtration and micro-climate will establish first. Then add the fishes slowly, with gaps if 2-3 weeks, until you've a maximum of say 3 goldfish, or more if smaller fish, in that size of BiOrb. White cloud minnows are great companions for goldfish, can live in cold or warm aquaria and are small pretty fish that are hard to kill.


I clean mine out every 6 weeks or so (basically when it looks dirty) this will vary depending on how much light it has. If it's in a very bright room (NOT direct sun) then it will grow algae more quickly. A clean means cleaning the sides with the pad provided in the service pack, 'hoovering' out the muck with a clear bit of piping, replacing some of the water and the cartridge - 20 minutes work in all. Once a year I take the fishes out, remove the ceramic media and give it a thorough clean. It's inportant not to wash the ceramic stuff and to keep it in some aquarium water to keep that bacteria alive while you're cleaning it out. Never replace more than a third of the water in one go.


Call me if you want to know anything :D

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