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keyhole kate

Woooooo Hooooooooo Omlet Power has worked

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My DH has agreed to build me a WIR I used all your invaluable suggestions

to the Pro's except it will allow me to get more chickens :shh: and it Worked :dance:


I have convinced him that a WIR will mean they will have double the space being able to make use of the height and I will be able to go in and spend time with them, so they wont make me feel guiltly into letting them freerange any where near the amount they do now even though they have purplicious (cube purple) +2nd run & extension.


They have totally trashed my small garden so currently no grass,borders or flowers :whistle: which DH never seemed to notice until it was gone :shock:


Thanks Guys

Now off to research WIR topic for inspiration :D



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Great news.... well worked! You are welcome to bring your OH over to see ours for some inspiration.... Ours is made mostly out of the wood from the decking we pulled up to make space for the WIR ! Recycling and all that! :P

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