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Lesley R

Wrecked garden!

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Can any of you experienced poultry keepers help please?

I have three chickens - all laying nicely - but the garden is a wreck! I have no grass left and walking on it is like treading an oil slick of mud. What do I do?! Are bark chippings a good idea and do I have to change them or does one layer do?

I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

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We did the same thing after losing all our grass the first winter we had the hens. They come out for the afternoon if it's not raining and are allowed on the grass but over winter, they spend most of their time in their custom built run which has the Eglu inside it. They don't mind at all. In Spring, reseed your lawn and keep the hens off it until it's established itself again and you can have both a lawn and chickens!!

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Definately go for bark, or hemcore, or leaves, and a fixed site, Lesley. It's not hard to do, and you do need to change them but not very frequently. Probably more in the summer, but the chooks can get out more then too. And you'll have a brilliant addition for your compost heap, which can really help the garden.

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