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Base & Lid Don't Seem to Fit Snugly

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Got my new green rabbit eglu yesterday & so far I'm really impressed - much bigger then I thought it would be. My only query is that the top of the eglu doesn't seem to fit 100% to the base, has anyone else found this? Is it suppose to? I appreciate air has to circulate but I can see daylight through one of the joins & the eglu can be sort of lifted at the back. It seems to be in the right place, as I've tried & tried to put the lid back on - any suggestions?


I'm just a little concerned as I'm collecting my baby bunnies tomorrow (can't wait! :D )

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Im not really sure what to suggest here but have you tried looking at the pictures of the eglu/rablu in the information section of the website?

If you are really worried i would give the chaps at Omlet a ring.


Oh you must be so excited about getting your little bunnies - do let us know how you get on. :D:D

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Thanks for your comments...I gave Omlet a ring & they said it sounds pretty normal, she said they're not going to fit 100% due to it being moulded plastic & also air needs to circulate too. I'm still a little concerned but I guess only time will tell if it's going to be a problem or not (hopefully without harming the bunnies)


I got Tallulah & Delilah today, who are both gorgeous! They seemed fairly easy to handle, though I expect part of that was that they were so confused/scared with all the changes. Hopefully they'll both get on well & settle into the eglu - will figure out how to post pictures when I've taken a few :)


Ubereglu - not sure what you mean by overlapping the run...do you mean where they join in the centre?


I did have this problem before I put the run on :(

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I remember a gap developing in mine during the really hot spell during the summer. It then just went back into shape :? I may be wrong but it might just need to settle down, we,ve had extreme temperatures lately! hope all goes well and enjoy your new bunnies :D

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