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The Dogmother

Fantastic cloud formations

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That's a brilliant link Clare. I got it with the the innocent newsletter, and sat there for ages! They have to be the best cloud photos I have ever seen.


I love cloud formations and have a nice book called The Skywatchers Handbook by Colin A Ronan (published in 1985), which is a sort of entry level book for interested (and intelligent) children. It explains the technical stuff behind cloud formation, all the symbols used for each cloud, making weather stations etc. Not sure whether it is still available, but it comes in a waterproof blue cover and the ISBN no is 0 - 552 - 99146 - 5.

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Brilliant website Clare! :D:D:D


I love cloud busting when i get the chance - you know where you look at some clouds and spot shapes & faces etc in them?


I was on holiday with my friend Gill a couple of years ago, sat on a beautiful Caribbean beach cloud busting for hours - so relaxing & funny! :lol::lol::lol:

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Wow they're quite spectacular, aren't they! I love clouds. :D I did encounter a lot of incredulous rolling eyes when I told my nearest and dearest I was interested in joining The Cloud Appreciation Society! :roll::lol:www.cloudappreciationsociety.com


Oh I must have a good look at that site Linda!


I have a nice story about clouds.


I used to work on the 16th floor of an office block in a south facing office. One day it was really dense fog outside, but when I opened the office door, light streamed through the doorway. I was confused until I realised the cloudy fog was thick right to the 15th floor, and looked so solid as if you could stand on it :shock: The tops of all the tall buildings in the area were poking through the clouds like mountain tops, and the lovely golden rays of sun were skimming along the bumps on top of the layer of fog. It was magical and I hope I never forget it!


Just wish I had a camera, it was awesome!

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