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Alis girls

A strange place to find a creepy crawly

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I was emptying my cafeitere this morning when something moved in the coffee grounds :vom: It was a spider. I was in a state of shock as I dont know if he was in the coffee beans when I ground them or had crawled in later. Surely the boiling water woul've killed him. I then thought whether he was a Brazilain spider who had come over with the beans. Enough said he went in the green bin. i felt queasy as I could easily of drunk him. he wasnt there when i made the coffee yesterday.

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BTW did you know that apparently we actually eat about six spiders in a lifetime whilst sleeping? now, thats euwwwwww :vom:





Apart from the horrific thought of sleep-eating spiders, how does that affect my vegetarian status??


That's it, no more sleep from now on!!

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