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new chick in town!

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:? I saw your other topic this eve. about this. I suppose the neighbour thought of you to help as you have your own hens.

But, they shouldn't have passed the chick to you without checking that you knew what to do, if it's young it's completely different to your pair, poor you being landed with this problem!

So, can you tell them to give it back to the (thoughtless) person who gave them the unwanted gift? Or, are they away just now? Did they leave you any food, as a very young chick will need different to an older chick, then different again when over 16 weeks like ours. Do you know how old it is? Is it hand size, a bit more, or nearly the size of your chickens?

We'd love to help, but your neighbour shouldn't have landed this on you, but the really hard thing to accept is someone giving away a chick as a present without checking that it would be wanted & cared for. :twisted:

See if you can tell us a bit more detail & what you have managed to do so far, is it warm & comfortable? Then, I'm sure we'll do our best if we can.

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I think it's best not to give any more layers pellets as they contain extra calcium which could affect its growth. Finely chopped hard boiled eggs will suffice if you don't have any chick crumbs if it's only a tiny chick. As Martin says, use a shallow container for drinking water or put some marbles or clean pebbles in it so that the chick can't fall in and drown or get wet as this can lead to illness.

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Hi - my sister hatched guinea fowl & goslings last year. She had them in a cardboard box filled with some shavings and set up a heat lamp. She fed them chick crumbs and used a jam jar lid as their water container. shavings did get kicked in the jam jar lid a lot, but none of them drowned and I'm happy to say they are now strutting their stuff around my sisters farm!

She is hatching peacocks this year! She is a very good substitute mummy!


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