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Psycology of chickens ???

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:?: I got my girlies last Thursday (11/01/07) and for the first 2 days all seemed to be well but for the last couple of days unless there is someone in the garden with them (or at food time), they are spending their time in the Eglu itself. Is this usual? Should I close the door once they're outside in the run?


Please advise.



Worried of West Sussex

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The frist week we had our hens they were kept in the run [as advised], and I think that they were a bit bored! They spent a lot of time on the roosting bars. We are lucky enough for ours to free-range, but on the rare occasions we needthem to stay in the run, boy do they sulk! They pull all the straw out of the eglu in protest.


I understand that some breeds are a little lazy, and have read elsewhere on the forum that people have hung stuff up in the run to entertain them - CD's seem to be quite attractive. I tried hanging some broccoli up for mine & they were scared of it!


The forum is great when you are new, and someone always comes along with help and encouragement.


Best of luck.

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