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***!!***!@** builders

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As some of you may well know we had a loft extention done over the summer, remember the saga!! Well as part of the job they had to demolish the chimney as it went through the loft. I have a wood burning stove in the living room so they said they could add a new flue part to the top and all would be well.

Obviously in August when the build finished, after taking double the time they said it would, we tried the chimney and yes smoke did seem to come out of it but we didn't use the fire as it was summer!. Well when we've tried to use it it turns out very little smoke comes out of the chimney, most of it comes back into the room!!. I contacted the builders, in November< who said it needs a different type of cowl. Middle of December after much badgering they suggested we got ssomeone else into do it as they were very busy and the dark nights and bad weather was stopping much roof work. I eventually decided that I would have to do that or we'd get nowhere.

I've had too people in to quote and guess what, they both say the *!$$@% thing is illegal!!!!! I've been told I have gas flue fitted which is not at a suitable, and various other things inculding chimney work should only be done by HETAS (like CORGI but for solid fuel) qualified people, which it wasn't. The builders reckon it's multi fuel flue (it's not) and as it's been passed by the building inspecters it's fine just needs this different cowl. The building inspecter never saw the chimney as the only time he came round to the build was long before that went up. I am fuming mad and have no extra heat in the living room as well.

Just when we thought we'd done with them we are back in a fight again. Really fed up, we've got to fight with them and with Building Control now as either they have passed an illegal chimney or the builders haven't done what they said they would.


OOPs :oops: just seen how long this got, sorry need a rant as if I go on at LSH he thinks I'm blaming him. Thanks

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Oh Trish. Go and throw some pillows about in the bedroom.


What a mess. You must be so angry and disapointed and let down. Best place to come and have good old rant. It's just awful when you put your trust (and hard earned cash) in someone else and they not only let you down, but refuse to come and put things right after they haven't done what they said they would.


I hope you can get this sorted. There must be someone who can help you claim something back. I'd be on my bike down to the CAB or some similar buildings regs people. I don't know what else to say. We've just put an extension on hold, but I am dreading the day we come to do it.


It makes me so mad when things like this happen, and you are left to pick up the pieces. Lots of luck to you. Once you've got your annoyance out you'l be able to think straight and make a plan. In the meantime - here's a hug...



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Oh Trish! What a mess :?


Try calling the building regs people at the council - the ones here were very helpful when I was having my loft done and gave all sorts of good advice. They might be able to tell you how to take the builders to task and get it sorted.


Although you have paid the builders, they don't have much of a leg to stand on because they've supplied material that isn't 'fit for the purpose' so they really have to come and remedy it to the satisfaction of independent experts. I work for a company of construction claims consultants and while I will happily say that I'm no expert, I have picked up a few things over the years.

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Thanks everyone, at the moment we are trying to sort out just what we have and haven't had done and just how unsafe it is. One of the chimney people who came to look at it said we could report the builders to the police as it's a criminal act. I just want what I paid for, a functioning chimney that won't kill us, but who knows how many other people the builders have done similar things to. We don't want to go to far too soon as we are hoping the builders will pay for someone to do a proper job. The quotes so far are about £1500!! which after the cost of the loft is just not on. Thnks for the support guys :?

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Bad luck Trish.


Report your builder to the Health and Safety folk.


Tell him to come back and put the job right, immediately and at no cost to your selves.


If he doesn't agree, threaten him with a Small Claims proceedure.


A solicitors letter might help.


See what your insurers have to say.

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It gets better. We've been in touch with the Building Inspectors who looked at the work whilst it was in progress and the inspector who came here has moved to another company. They need to get in touch with him but it's very likely that the Inspectors never signed the job off as they haven't been since it was completed and can't find any paper work to say that it was ever done :twisted::twisted::twisted:

Great now I have an illegal chimney that is, oh no it isn't, oh yes it is illegal, that has/hasn't been approved by the building inspectors. Works in our favour though if it hasn't been signed off as it makes the builders even more liable to get the repair done properly. MOre news on Monday, after we phone the builder 15 time etc. (Silently fumes her way to the wine bottle :twisted: )

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Hiya Trish, Hope you get the problem sorted out soon. I don't think you'd actually have to knock down a chimney when doing that sort of thing. We still have our chimney and we have a loft conversion.


Anyway, I hope it gets sorted. If they refuse report them to Rogue Traders and Watchdog etc.

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