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Five Days

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I am watching Egluntine 8)


I missed episode three and had to put out a plead to everyone at work to get hold of a copy :lol:


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm who dun it :?


The army bloke is certainly dodgy but I am not sure what about the ex husband now he is slimy :evil:


Roll on part 5 on Thursday :D

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It is good but it made me cry last night - imagine having to cope with that.


I have suspected just about everyone so far - her dad, the army guy, the dog man (but not now that he has 'confessed'), the stalker woman - but I can't work out who would have been in the layby/lorry and why. And who is the father of the baby? Army man seems to be a candidate for that and the murder but I think they are trying to make you think that. Roll on Thursday.

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