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chicken run ideas

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Cinnamon - couldnt get your blog to work - Do youhave your Banties and big girls separated then? (Is that why you have 2 doors :?: ) We want to build bigger run for the girls - at the moment 12ft x 4 1/2 foot. I notice you have 5 big girls and wondered how much space they have?? (Really want another couple of chickens :wink::wink: )

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Yes, the big girls are seperate from the teeny things - they came along later,so their pen is a bit of an add-on.

I reckon the big pen is about 10 foot by 8 foot, but that is a real guess.There is plenty of room for them, & having the Eglu raised is a bonus space wise,& makes cleaning much easier.


Not sure why the blog isn't working - it is for me :?


I have added a chicken pen album to my gallery page,& have added a few pictures there too.Click on the "See my hens here" link.


Hope its helpful


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It does work now - braodband upto its silly tricks again :roll: I have been out and remeasured and I reckon if we move the compost bin (should be ready to be emptied soon anyway) we could squeeze 15 foot by 5 ft. Thats got to be enough space for 5 chickens :wink::wink: - I feel a plan coming together............

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