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Chickens eating shredded paper.

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My lot frequently eat all the shredded paper out the nest box - if nothing else, it means any would be ID thiefs will really have to go the extra mile to steal MY bank account and visa statement! :lol::lol::lol:

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Mine frequently steal the shredded paper out of the rabbit hutch, while I'm cleaning Pete out.


Or I turn round to find them pinching it out of the bag, I'm putting the dirty papers, hay and shavings in, while, again cleaning out the rabbit. It seems to be quite a delicacy!!!


So I have never tried putting any in their eglu, for the very reason, I know they would just gobble it all up!

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We have used shredded paper since we got them. They do pull it out a bit and practice surprise tactics :doh: - no harm comes of it. My 3 GNR's also love eating the yakky bits out of the drain under the kitchen window :shock: I suppose at least its an organic way to clean the drain! Luckily I dont use bleach or chemcals in the sink! :wink:


Have a good week y'all

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