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Suzy J

Cockerel or Hen???

Cockerel or Hen?  

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We were given a hatching egg which hatched on 27-12-06, the breed is mixed but we believe mainly Rhode Island Red, being novices we are unsure how to tell a hen from a cockerel, can anyone help please? We have put three photos on the internet which were taken this morning so the age of the chick is 6 weeks and 3 days.

Thanks for any help or comments





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I believe that if the feathers are rounded at the end then its a hen, but if they are pointy and sharper looking then its a cockerel.


Also I read recently that if startled, a cockerel will look upwards,craning its neck, whereas a hen will crouch.


Can you take a pic of some of its feathers, with a piece of white card underneath for contrast?

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Hi Suzy! What a sweetie!

I have moved your question to the chickens section, so more people will hopefully respond to it!

I can't tell, s/he is too young to squat yet when approached, as this only really begins to happen when they reach a more mature age, i.e. sexual maturity, around 20 weeks. I believe the feather shape is supposed to be a good indicator, but as Lesley will tell you, it is really difficult to tell..... and not always correct!

Good luck!

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Hello...me again.


Got this of another forum. :oops:


Features to look for when trying to sex chickens.


Cockerel at 5 weeks of age


Comb Medium size, pinkish

Legs Sturdy, long

Tail Stumpy, curved

Back Downy with thin line of stub feathers down centre

Side of neck, crop and flanks Feathering poorly advanced

Wing bows Bare, showing wing covert quills

Carriage Erect and alert



Pullet at 5 weeks of age


Comb Small, yellowish

Legs Finer, shorter

Tail Longer, straight

Back More advanced feathering along centre & flanks

Side of neck, crop & flanks Feathering well advanced

Wing bows Covered with small feathers

Carriage Lower set


Can't guarantee its accuracy, but I though you would be interested.

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Thanks for the info it all helps..


This chick does squat sometimes when approached but I was unsure whether this is just a young bird thing.


Camera batteries gone flat now and left the charger at work just typical so cant get any more pics just yet.

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