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Need a rant........postage charges!!!!!

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You do not need to reply to this but I do need to rant :twisted::twisted:


I have spent 2 hours this morning looking for a raised bed kit. I quite liked the ones Debs posted a link for - Link-a-bord. Total costs of goods ordered were £14.70 and the postage because I am not classed as mainland Scotland :? a whopping £10.00 :twisted::twisted:


This was the cheapest postage quoted. On another site the postage was £16.95 :twisted::twisted:


Last week I started to order Carol Kleins new book from The Book People. The book cost £4.99, bargin I thought until the postage came up as £7.00.


Now I've looked in my illustrated atlas of the world and cannot find any expanse of sea between Elgin and the rest of the UK :? The only water I have to cross when travelling South is the Firth of Forth and it takes a couple of minutes on the Forth road bridge.


Well I suppose I have saved myself £55.00 - I would have liked 3 kits. I have now got to rethink my veg plot and try to persuade OH to build something out of wood.


Rant now over :D Thank you for listening :D

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Ali, that's shocking! We ordered garden furniture last year, and were charged extra delivery becuase we are so far north, and we're still SOUTH of Edinburgh, and the Forth.


Can I be cheeky and ask where you were going to order the raised beds from? They sound much cheaper than the ones I've seen so far, and I want some for the new garden.

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I was going to order them from here




You buy the pieces seperately and make up a bed to your own requirements. A bed 1m long x 1m wide x 15cm high would cost £14.70 plus postage.


I would like 3 beds of this size and my idea was to buy a bed a month. I have since gone back to the site and if I buy 3 beds at the same time the postage is still £10.00. The postage is not calculated on the weight of the parcel then :?


£10.00 postage is a little better if the total cost of the goods is about £55.00 and not £14.70.

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Postage can be a major rip off these days id be ranting too Ali! :evil:


We (read that as OH) will be making our raised beds out of some spare bricks we have in the garden. Im also fortunate enough to have a friend who is willing to help dig over our soil too! :D:D:D


Scaffolding planks are good for raised beds - if there are some angry builders in Scotland then we know where to look for their planks! :wink:

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We're going to use scaffold planks as well - all you need then are the angle brackets which you can buy from any of the DIY stores. You can buy new scaffold planks for not too much - and without the metal strip at the end.


I call mine scaffold planks but I'm actually going to go to a local sawmill and have timber of a similar size to scaffold planks.


I agree with the postage - OK if you're spending lots of money but silly and annoying when you only want one item :?

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