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what is Aubiose?

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Aubiose or hemcore is a straw substitute material made out of hemp fibre. People seem to really like it as it is not as soggy and grotty as bark chippings can become (I have bark chippings at the moment). It is sold at horsey type places as they use it and costs about £6 or £7 for a big bale. Where I live all organic waste including animal bedding can go in the green wheelie bin. When I eventually dig out the bark chips I will replace them with hemcore. Perhaps even this afternoon - I am putting off work at the mo!!

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If anyone knows where I can get any in or around Manchester/Bury and who will deliver please let me know. Nowhere i have tried will deliver just one bale and I don't have room to store more and I don't have my own transport. :cry:


OR If anyone can get some for me and get it to me then I will be more than happy to pay

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I get mine from a Riding Shop in Sheffield.


Why not check with your local ones, they may be able to help you....or a riding stable might sell you one if hey bulk buy.

Could you tell me which shop in Sheffield coz I fancy giving this a try? cheers :D:?:

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