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I have aubiose on a layer of paving slabs that are on top of concrete!


The paving slabs are butted up to each other but still have small gaps that allow water to drain through if necessary, The aubiose goes on top of these, I have found it very easy to clean out - just rake the aubiose from the back to the front and scoop it out with a dustpan.


My girls also have a clear tarp over the run so everything stays nice and dry.

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I've tried both woodchips and aubiose on concrete inside a covered run. I think aubiose is better (even though my supply of woodchip is free) as it's easier to rake over and doesn't seem to hold water quite so much. I'd go for paving slabs over concrete given the choice, with gaps to allow the water to drain - wish I'd thought of it before we had the run concreted!

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half of my run is paving slabs with woodchips on top and the other half soil with a mixture of woodchips and dried leaves. I much prefer the plaving slab half as I can give it good scrub when I change the woodchips. I rake over the soil half and dig garden lime into it, but I do get concerned that there may be nasties lurking which might make my Hens ill.


Before we covered the whole run the rain drained through the gaps in the slabs and the woodchips dried out quickly.

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