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Most recent Omlet newsletter...

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I couldn't possibly comment!!!


If anyone hasn't received this newsletter and would like to see the famous bottom please let me know and I'll forward the newsletter (not the bottom) on to you!!!



Please may I have the newsletter?!?!?!?

STILL not getting it, despite registering about 20 times (do you think they will fix the hitch, and my e-mail in box will be inundated with newsletters!!!)

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Hopefully at this very moment she has a man grovelling round with the insides of her new but not working properly computer and it will all be fixed and work beautifully. I think this is a new super dooper one to replace the old one she has been struggling on - not that you'd know - she seems to wave her wand and sort out most problems within minutes of them being posted :D


Actually, with her new one she may be able to put her super knickers on her head and read our minds and fix things even before we've posted :lol::lol::lol::shock::lol:

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