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Mrs Blue Sky

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As Sheila has just bumped up the 'When's your Birthday' thread, I had a quick look at March and I noticed it's Mrs Blue Sky's birthday coming up.


What happened to Mrs Blue sky? (I can't actually say that name without saying like they do in the song!)


She hasn't posted since October. Anyboby any ideas? Perhaps if we all shout loud enough on her birthday she'll hear us and come back to say Hi. :D

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I've just received a PM from her! :D

I am sure she won't mind me passing some of it on:

She is very busy at present: In the process of trying to relocate her entire family (herself, parents, in laws etc).


She is very well, and sends her good wishes to all. She hopes to get back on teh forum at soem stage very soon....

I can't imagine what life would be like with all that going on and three children still under 10 years old! :shock::shock:


I'd be "Mrs Thunderous Sky"!! :lol::lol:

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Hi Gina: I PM'd her on her birthday to see how she was... she must have picked it up in her email..... :D

I have replied and told her of all the good wishes and that her forum chums were asking after her. :D



Got the song going off in my head now...... :roll:8)

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As soon as I saw the topic I was singing the tune in my head


but then I use it for the start of my show as the rocky bit at the end is very effective with the lighting I have!!


Glad to hear Mrs Blue Sky is ok - I too would be a bit overcast with that much work - relocating the whole family - she must be MAD!




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Here I am! I got an email re Annie's PM, collected my Happy Birthdays, for which thanks all round, and spotted a thread with my very own name on it - how can a girl not say Hello?


Sorry to have been so very quiet, but it's all been a bit full on here at Blue Sky Towers. Still only fluffy little clouds though, no thunder yet, although you never know. We are trying to move everyone far far away as we are pig sick of smelly London, and we will be taking my mum and dad with us as dad is very frail with Parkinson's disease and mum needs a lot of help and support with him, and my sister and brother in law are coming too. We are going to form a village... and my little ones obviously. So all this has quite taken up my time, and I got out of the habit of omletting, and now there is so much new stuff going on I couldn't catch up if I tried.


So I might have some lovely good news one day, maybe even quite soon you never know. Hope everyone's all well and happy - I see the meets have expanded!


Love to all



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