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Field Mushrooms.

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8) What with the wet and humid weather ... there has been a massive "pop-up" of field mushrooms. I got a pile today from the dairy farm, where the adopted flock are. 8) .


Word of warning though ... make sure what you pick IS field mushroom, they are usually flat in apprearance, white on top with pink-beige-dark brown gills underneath. Another tip ... unlike shop mushies, remove the stalk ... and if there are any "holes" in the stalk or base of the mushroom, then discard. If you break a Holey fruit, you will soon see why ... either white grubs of a black insect invasion :shock: . Having said that .. if you also PEEL the top white skin ... you will also see holes if infested.


I took the time to "examine" and "prepare" my picked fruits, and only a couple were "beastly" :wink::lol::lol: , Ben and Joe enjoyed bug hunting too, and we are having fresh field mushrooms for brekky :P

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I've come back from holiday to find mushroom things growing in my lawn. I know very little about mushroom varieties so have been a little concerned about whether or not they're poisonous and if the chickens might have been tempted to peck at them. I hate to waste free food, but with mushrooms I play it very cautious, and am off to mow the lawn, dig up said mushrooms & tidy the greenhouse etc ust as soon as I can tear myself away from this computer. It's a lovely warm, dry gardening day down here today :D

Can't resist adding that I've got some little aubergines in my greenhouse, about the size of a table tennis ball, or even a bit smaller, at present, but it's the first time I've grown them so I'm quite chuffed :)

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Used to walk my Newfoundland (no longer with us) in the local park and could not understand why he staggered about and insisted on going out more often than usual. Then I saw him eating mushrooms of the magic variety. Has anyone else ever seen a 13 stone fir ball stoned. He was actually out of his head for a week until I realised.

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