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Martin B

Really confused about... ONIONS!

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Today I found a place 100m away from my house that has seed potatoes at 1kg = £1.99.


They also had bulbs, for onions and shallots. If I got these would I just bung them in the ground and hope for the best. There were no instructions with the bulbs. :?




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:lol: My spelling has let me down again. Had the x-ray today and I am waiting to see if any of the bone is cracked or wether it is definately muscular damage. Have been advised to have school off tomorrow, this time off has given me the opportunity to catch up with my maths coursework! :lol:
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homegrown onions (even from sets) I have found to be rather stronger and juicier than shop bought.

They also grow to a range of different sizes which is more useful.

Shallots are perhaps more fun since each bulb you plant multiplies to a bunch of shallots.


The main reason that I grow onions is that they provide some protection to other crops, particularly carrots.

The awesome carrot fly, which can smell carrots, parsnips and parsley growing fom up to five miles away :shock: and which will decimate a crop, hates onions and will sometimes be deterred completely if the carrots are surrounded by several rows of onions.

Invaluable to organic gardeners!


works for several other types of crops/beasties too.

try googling 'companion planting' to find out more.

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Plus the smell of carrots deters the onion fly!

I have bought marigold seeds and planted one per small pot. They have all germinated, so looks like I should have loads this year! 29p per packet from Lidl :D


I've also heard that planting a couple of radishes with a cucumber plant stops cucumber beetle!

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growing onions from seed takes a bit longer and so more things get the chance to go wrong with your crop.

However, it's far cheaper, there should be more varieties available to choose from and if you choose a non F1 variety, you can save your own seed each year and never have to buy any ever again! :D

just leave one onion in the ground at harvest to develop a beautiful flower (like a big ball on a stem). you'll see the seeds, wait til they're brown/black and simply shake into a brown paper bag.


one onion will produce seed enough for loads of packets!

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