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Is tea harmful to chickens?

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Hiya Snowy, great timing! I knocked over a cuppa in the garden this morning, and Chutney slurped up loads of it, although Mango wasn't fussed.


She's still alive right now, but I do drink decaff, so I wouldn't have thought there's anything that could potentially harm them in that.


If your chooks are climbing the walls this afternoon, you'll know why!! :shock::lol:


Sue Budgie

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My lot have occasionally come across old teabags in the compost heap, and had them for their supper - it doesn't seem to have done them much harm... :D

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We used to get a visiting magpie who used to slurp the chap who tidied the gardens' tea.


Mentioning it to neighbours....it turned out he swigged tea everywhere. Mind you, Bill (garden chap) took 3 sugars....so maybe that had something to do with it.


Bill would continue to drink from the mug that the magpie had been at. Yukk :shock:

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Tried having a cuppa in the sun outside this morning. Put my cup down on the floor and next thing I know Florrie and Pom are merrily slurping it down!! :shock: Anyone know if it's likely to be harmful for them? :roll:

I doubt it given some of the other things they eat/drink :roll:


They're such opportunists. I know when I put my lunch down for a second and had to chase off Trinny who was convinced that any food going must be hers :roll:

They even had to investigate the carefully emptied plate-just in case :roll:

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slightly off-topic, but I awoke to hear a slurping noise the other night - the Cornish Rex cat, (inherited from my brother when he moved house recently) was on the bedside table with its head in my mug, drinking fennel tea :roll:

I reckon as long as it isn't a regular habit, it can't do them any harm. I think my girls deliberately add mud to the Glug to make it more tasty!

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