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Mel (& Paul)

Bounty - is it me?

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Is it me or is anyone else confused about the paper towels called Bounty.

Why would you want a paper towel that you can use again and again? Isnt that what j-clothes and sponges are for?

I dont know if they are getting at the "germs" side of things with cloths, but I just stick boiling water over mine regularly

So why buy paper towels that you use again

confused of dorset :?

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I quite like them for cleaning the toilet as the pieces do last a bit longer than ordinary paper towels ( I'd use reams of ordinary paper towels, far to extravagant.)....I never fancy using a cloth for cleaning the loo somehow. (I bin the towel when used, never flush.)

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And it will be Bounty ice cream season soon too :P:P:P


I do use Bounty kitchen roll actually, but NEVER reuse it :?

It goes straight into the compost bin once I have mopped up.

I reckon they have that ad & that claim because it makes the stuff seem stronger & better value :P

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