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Just a quick question ( :liar: or not if you know me)


Laverne has been missing feathers for months and months now. She is no longer being pecked by Babs. She has always laid quite thin shelled eggs and for the past couple of days, shell-less ones. She gets grit, oyster shell and baked ground up egg shell everyday.

Is it possible that she is still lacking calcium? Can this be injected by a vet?

I have super chicken lady AnnieP on her way over to my house for a cuppa any minute now, so she is going to look at Laverne. (I am in Stockholm with work at the mo, and yes she is aware of that :lol::lol::lol: . OH is in)!


Any ideas?


Many thanks



C x


Edited to add - sorry this should be in chicken clinic! Bad boy, must pay more attention in class!

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Coo-ee Hello AnnieP

Whilst you're at Christian's house just rifle through the family silver to see if there's anything nicking :wink:






if Laverne is missing feathers then all their energy goes into growing new ones back - so they will often lay soft shelled eggs or go off lay.

I dont know about calcium injections.

Sheila always recommends shellstim - which we use occassionally in addition to oystershell, greens and so on.

Hang on I will try and find a linke..............

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I have already asked OH to hide the good biscuits and leave the rich teas out! She not having my ginger nuts!


Thanks for the link!


She has only laid a couple of softies, so not that concerned, but the base of her tail and some of her 'knickers' have been bald for months and months now. She just doesn't seem to regrow any feathers.


I thought I read on here about calcium jabs but maybe not



Off to text OH, 'hide the jewellery' :wink::lol::lol:

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Back from Christian's.... FAB gingernut biscuits... :wink: So glad he wasn't there... (more for me and OH)

Laverne looks glorious, if a little challenged feather wise around her botty and lower back.... But she is bright eyed, lively and looking very glam in all other ways. I just think the feather growing is taking it out of her at present.


What a lovely set up they have there... my three would be quite jealous if only they knew how Christian's chooks lorded it up..... they are very lucky chooks! :D:D

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Thruxton never meant anything to me until today. :oops: But I'm sure I drove near it. Is there some sort of speed track there?


I went to Stonehenge today, for lunch in Newton Tony (complete with flood across the road) and to a Rare breeds Farm in Cholderton. Is that all near you Christian? I would have liked some Ginger Nuts too! :wink::wink:

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Hi Ginette!


Yes we live off the A303, before Thruxton, but the village is so small "Ooops, word censored!"ody has heard of it. The rare breeds farm is 5 mins away but not allowed to go there as i would return with several chickens! :oops::wink: If you ever pass this way again, then let me know! Ginger nuts aplenty!



Christian (the dark haired one, Emma :wink: )

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Christian and Annie - I'm sorry I missed you! But I did talk about you Annie as we looked at the donkeys :)


It would have been good to see you Christian as we have a German exchange student with us. 8) She is from Neustadt, near Hannover. She was very good with the goats who tried to escape their enclosure! We weren't allowed to go into the chickens because of Defra advice, but we went along the end of their enclosures and fed them that way! I was surprised that the chicken wire holes were very large and the wire was not secured at ground level.


We enjoyed the rabbits and DD2 desperately wanted to bring a little white one home! :shock: There were also some real KIDS which were still quite wobbly so I guess not very old at all.


And I saw some Sign of Spring beer which is green :shock:It is brewed by Stonehenge brewery and only available in the Wiltshire area. Really 8)

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