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a warning to everyone, keep an eye on your ebay account if you have one. someone has hijacked mine and listed a load of stuff under my account to flog.


it does look like ebay have sorted it for me, but it is a reminder that the internet is a great thing, but sometimes it can be a real pain in the backside.


do keep a close eye on your account and maybe change the password every few months.


i dont even like ugg boots. (thats what they were flogging)

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Uggs???? :shock:


It has to be Kate or Cinnamon then! :wink::wink:



Not guilty 8)


I do change my password every month - its easy to remember to do it on the first of the month if you get into the habit :lol:


I know its a common problem on Ebay, but they do sort it out quickly usually.

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