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Tina C

Chicken on Comic Relief

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Did anyone see the chicken that was put on stage during the 'Top Gear' part of Comic Relief? I just happened to flick over from the news and thought aaaah, look, chickens get everywhere. Then I thought, oh poor thing.


It did not seem too worried, but it must have been noisy, as a band was playing and I think it was put in front of the amp.


I think it got removed before they turned a wind machine thing on to the band. At least I hope it did.

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I was just as concerned as all of you - but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. We only saw the hen for a little while. Both Clarkson and Hammond keep hens themselves, so I'm sure neither would have abused the poor young thing. I hope I'm right!

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I didn't think it looked distressed, more confused, and I'm guessing was only there for a very short time. I was a bit confused as there was no explanation while I was watching. :?

Maybe it was Hammond, or Clarkson's hen?


I hope it was removed before Clarkson played the drums :shock::wink::lol:

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