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Old Cat?

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In 1956, British gerontologist (old age expert) Dr Alex Comfort conducted a more scientific study. He located 10 cats confirmed as over 19 years old. The oldest cat found by Comfort was a 27 year old unneutered male who had been purchased as a kitten in 1927 and was alive in 1954.


Dunno if that's reliable but seems possible if owned by the one person.

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My Cindy must be about 19 years old :D She came to live with us in 1989 from a rescue centre. She was about a year old then and the first year of her life had not been good :(


Eighteen months ago she "ran away" to our shed :roll::( No amount of coaxing would bring her back into the house, she would not let you touch her, she was a different cat :? Six weeks ago she came home :D Still not her old self but better than she has been for a while. I was asking a Vet about her a couple of weeks ago and the Vet told me she may be senile :shock::( She sleeps a lot now, mostly in one of the Dog beds :roll:

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