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No information officially yet Debra! I think the cat was accidentally let out of the bag.....


Launch date is due in a couple of weeks, although a few of us who are too impatient have already contacted Omlet and got our names down for one.... :oops:

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Do people who have put their name down know the size of the Eglu and run (including skirt)? I have a critical gap between my apple tree and the fence, so the width is very important.


It looks more practical in every way than the original Eglu. I love the wheels, and the fact that the skirt completely surrounds it. I have a feeling I will get one anyway, even if I have to put it somewhere else.


This topic started in the Nesting Box and has now migrated to Chickens!

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Thanks Annie for the measurements. I believe that the existing run is 1.5 metres at its widest point at the front, so that gives me a good idea of what the new one will look like if it is that width all the way along.


It won't squeeze in beside my tree, but this doesn't matter because even the longer version is shorter than my present arrangement.


My old Eglu + run is 2 metres long, but I also have one converter and one extension, making 4 metres in length overall.


So if I get the new Eglu and the longer run, at 3 metres it will be one metre shorter than my existing arrangement (but the walking length for the hens, of course, will be exactly the same, because they can walk under the Eglu). And the width is a big improvement. Overall, I reckon that the walking space is increased by at least half: and it is a huge increase on the basic old Eglu and run.

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That's a first - expansion plans before you've even started!! You'll fit in very well here!!


Here's the thread on the Mark 3 ...http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9314&start=0



OK and thanks. Not sure I like it really. Seems to have less run space than the current model and I'm not ready to house 10 chickens yet, but thanks anyway for the information!!!!!!

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Re the size of the run: the Mark 3 is definitely bigger.


Length: The standard Mark 2 run (unextended) and the Mark 3 run (as shown in the picture) are both exactly the same length: 2 metres.


Width: The whole of the Mark 3 run is the same width as the Mark 2 run is at its widest point at the front, so there is considerably more room widthways.


The Mark 3 is also available with a 3-metre run, but I don't know if it can be extended any further than that; the Mark 2 can be extended to 4 metres, but any more than that really isn't practical.


I don't think the Mark 3 is big enough for ten hens if they are not let out. Ten sounds too much like a flock to me: I think 6-8 in the new run will make me very happy.

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