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Hello. first time here,


iv had my eglu since wednesday last week.


i have to say compaired to the wooden hutch my rabbits had before its wonderfull. however im not finding it as good as the site made it...


first of all it arrived wed, but with parts missing. which arrived yesterday after notifying omlet the parts were missing.


first time i took the top off the eglu to clean it and put it back on the rod going through bent (have bent it back, but its very flimsy, can see it snapping in no time). plus i cant get the lid back on on my own i need myhusband to help. as u need someone to push the rod at one side of the lid whilst the other pulls the other end to get it out enough to put the pin in the whole....and how long till that little pin gets lost i wonder...


i dont know about other pples, but our eglu has lots of airbubbles in it, just wonder if those airbubble are going right through, which will weaken it...also i thought the lid as its suposed to be double insilated ment it kept out the cold and rain etc... theres a gap were the lid rests on the base which alows my rabbits to wee out off, and rain to get in.... also thought the idea was to keep the cold out in winter and the cool in in summer. i put my hand in the eglu yest (wouldnt say it was overly warm) but it was very evry hot inside the eglu.


as we recently aquired another rabbit the eglu only made it on the grass this lunch time, and within half an hour one of my rabbits was almost out from digging under (but on this part i do know Scooby is a wonderfull digger) so now we have to keep them on the congreat....we do have deep boxes filled with soil and gras and dandilions which go in the run for them to eat and dig (we have a long row of them as they can happily grase 2 boxes in a day, so we simply let them boxes regrow whilst they satrt on the others)


all in all the idea of the eglu is wonderfull, but i am disapointed in it myself, especialy for the cost. the main problems i find is the securing bar to fasten the lid on the eglu (doesnt go right through unlesss there is someone pushing the lid in and thebar out etc, impossible to do with 1 persion) and it bent very easily. oh and also the hay rack and water bottle DOes not stay on, with rabbits pulling at the hay the rack falls off, the water bottle is on the bottom of the eglu. now if that were to happen whilst i was out for the day, how long would my rabbits be without water!!! also what if when it falls off the mettle hooks hits the rabbit... blind them or worse!!!


there needs to be something for the bottom of the run to stop rabbits escaping, and i agree it should come compleate with the run, not as an extra (it cost enough as it was). the hay rack fixing in better, and the rod that fastens the hood on sorting out better. oh and how about somewereto put the salt lick, all other hay racks have a hook for them (with a rounded off ball ont he end! that you hook the salt wheel over) as there is no bars on the eglu there is no were toput the salt whelle. and u cant really put it on the run as water and salt dont mix. well they do but to well.


sorry for such a negative post. maybe i was expecting to much, but after reading all the wonderfull right up on this site...and seeing it, its nothing like its made out to be in my opinion...Yes better than the hutch i had previously but only as its easyer to clean...plus the hutch was £60 (for a huge hutch and under-run) and the eglue £350...maybe im to negative, but i fell greatly disapointed in my eglu


maybe it will grow on me...god help me when dhcant help me put the lid back on tho...

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I'm so sorry that you're disappointed in the Rablu Shirley Ann. I've not had any experience with the Rablu, having the eglu for chickens only, but it sounds like such a good idea. I have seen other comments about the digging thing, in fact I'm pretty certain that someone else posted about their rabbit burrowing right out one night. Rabbits generally are good burrowers though. I agree this sounds like something that should be considered by the Omlet team, and the Rablu modified accordingly.

Have you spoken to the Omlet guys and let them know your comments? They're a great team, and I'm sure they'd want to hear how you feel. The Rablu is new, and I'm sure that they want to make it as good as can be, so comments from Rablu users will help them in their product design/ improvements. Also they don't want dissatisfied customers.

I have to say that I find the Eglu easy to take apart & reassemble on my own, in fact my 12 yr old daughter does it sometimes, and my pin locking device seems quite sturdy. Maybe the Rablu fixings are different, or possibly you have a faulty model :? Seriously I'd give Omlet a ring and see what they have to say.

Good luck

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i will do. prob leave it till tuesday tho, my eldest non fluffy baby is back at school, then and belive me i cant go on the phone with him about lol.


reading back my post from last night, its not quite that bad...its a bad time here at the mo, theres been a major berevment, which i think is playing on mymind, but i will either ring or email them


thanks for ur replys

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I am hopefully going to start rabbit breeding. I have started with getting my female netherland dwarf "maggy"settled in and hopefully i am getting my male soon i was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on breeding befor or after


thanks :D

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Hi Gabby


I think that I might have replied to you on another thread, but maybe the name was different.


It is important to approach bunny breeding responsibly as they breed easily and alarmingly quickly :shock: . The breeder that I bought my girls from is very experienced and gives lots of good advice on her site (http://www.rossrabbits.co.uk) I would recommend that you speak to her - Karen might even be able to help you out with a handsome boy bunny for Maggy to settle down with. :D


I hope that you enjoy your bunnies - are they in a Rablu?

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I think that they are great, and hope to be getting one in the new year to use as their run on the grass.


My bunnies live in a lovely big two-floored wooden hutch most of the time (I got this before the Rablu came out), but when Iput them out on the lawn they have a cheaper hutch with a run attached. But this is going slimy and rotten :roll: so I want to get a Rablu to replace it.

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