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Shower Curtain Advice

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Help we are having a dilemma!!


We are refurbishing a house at Bridlington to let and be our own escape. The bathroom is, well, cosy but has a full size bath and no room for a shower screeen. So looks like we will have to have a curtain. Ceilings are very high - 10ft so don't really want to attatch it there. Does anyone have any advice/experience to offer?? We have seen some cool circular rails but are not convinced they would hold up to the letting side??



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I got a "self supporting" shower curtain rail to fit into an alcove which was a bit tricky. You twist the middle bit and it pushes the ends outwards to fit the alcove.


It cost about £15 and is absolutely fine.


Got it from Cole Brothers which is Sheffield's John Lewis.


I liked it because there was no drilling etc involved.

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We have got a 'u' shaped curtain pole. The two ends are fixed to the wall either side of the shower head. OH bought a bracket for a wardrobe pole and slipped this on tho the other end of the shower curtain pole, this is attached to the ceiling. We also have two shower curtains, one on either side of the bath so all the water runs into the bath.


the shower curtain pole came from B&Q.

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