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Waiting for new arrivals - worried about foxes

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I know the subject of foxes have been covered in many other threads but I was just wondering if anyone knows of a fox getting into the eglu and/or run.

I have ordered extra pegs (as our garden is uneven and clay and there are a few foxes around).

Obviously, I'll try to remember to get them into the actual eglu every night, but if they were left in the run, how vunerable are they to foxes ? (I will only let them out into the garden after they're settled in and only when one of us is around so we're unlikely (fingers crossed) to leave them out altogether)

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Hi Hazel, i know other Omleteers put bricks over the skirt of the run to hold it down as well as the pegs so this might be a good idea. :idea:


As far as im aware only once or twice has a fox managed to get a chicken by digging under the edge of the run but i think it was beacuse the run was on soft loose ground (im sure i will be corrected if this is not the case)


Do post photos when they arrive! :D:D:D

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:) Statisically, the hens are incredibly safe in an Eglu & run. But, you are wise to think ahead.

I would use something heavier than bricks, foxes are strong & determined. The weakest area to assee is where the run meets the Eglu and the skirt stops. A big, heavy object there will take away that shortest route.

Be aware that urban foxes visit in the day, and their is no really safe time if there are foxes nearby. Several members who know they have foxes have a Foxwatch or similar product which seem very effective.


After that, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you bought an Eglu, and enjoy your chickens! :D:D

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