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the same but different crocs

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thought you might like a look at these.




not as many styles but if you want a standard looky likey croc on a budget then these might be for you. lots of nice bright colours.


Super light weight

Funky Chic Styling

Ultra comfort cushioned and textured sole

Machine Washable

Holes to circulate air and keep feet fresh

Water and sand easily pass through

Anti slip soles

Ergonomically moulded sole

Resistant to bacteria and odour

Soles that do not mark

Incredibly comfortable and stylish

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Well, I saw some "crocs" for £7 on the market, and first thought was, oh no, I've been ripped off paying so much when I could have spent much less.

But, when I picked one up, the quality difference was obvious. Very light & flimsy like expanded polystyrene to hold, and although the shape & "acupressure" points were similar looking, I have no doubt that they were superficial & wouldn't actually give the same comfort. I suspect that they would even rip at some stage.


So, just a word of warning if you see cheap "Crocs". I would never pay more just for a name. But, with he true crocs I'm happy that I get what I pay for. I don't want to pay a third or quarter the amount, only to find that I don't have a durable and comfortable shoe.


So, proper crocs for me, but good luck if you find cheaper ones which are of similar quality.

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