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which breeds shall I have?

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hello all!


I'm off to collect my first set of chooks on Sunday. I have the choice of: Daisybelle, Sussex Star, Bovans Nera (black star), White star and a new one called coral.


In theory I am coming home with three although I understand the eglu will fit 4! So 2 eglus = 6 - 8 chooks.


I know I definately want a daisybelle but are what would you suggest with the others? I'm not fussed about them being prolific layers, just friendly. I think I am tempted by the white star and then I get stuck. I hope to have all different hens (at least that way I will know who is who :oops: )


Claire x

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I would certainly get a White Star - the white eggs are so pretty & although they can be more skittish than other breeds, they are lovely little hens with bags of personality :P


I also have a Daisy Belle (there are some photos in my ablum - link below), & she is lovely too :P

Never heard of a Coral - must be a new one!


Choose whichever take your fancy on the day.I went with a mind to get some breeds & came back with others :lol:

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I promise I am going with my head firmly screwed on! (makes a change) I am going to be sensible and only have 3 chooks per an eglu. Each eglu will have extensions, but they will free range after work and at weekends. So three this weekend because I am picking up Beck's eglu on Saturday and then 3 when E gets her cube. He only had one white star left and I was pretty taken with her so he said he will keep her to one side for me then as you say, it will be a case of who takes my fancy. I guess I am very lucky that I get to have 6 chooks so I can have a variety. :)


I'm so excited!!!

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Get one of each. In fact, can you pick me up a couple :wink: . I'm going to get a daisybelle (hopefully!) and I like the idea of a Coral for the new eglu.

Of course I will! Seriously if you do want me to bring some down let me know - I am seeing the man on Sunday and it is only a slight detour for when we come to you! I can ring him when we know your eglu is due and if he has some left I can reserve a couple for you and collect them on route :)

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