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oh wow thanks claret, we will be all on eggwatch now. :lol:


Will let you all know when the big day happens.


I really thought that Doris (gingernut ranger) would lay first maybe she will i don't know, she is much bigger than Nelly, Nelly has very short legs but a lovely bum I say, her feathers are gorgeous hehehehe, Doris on the other hand has much longer long legs and has a lovely bum also.


Thanks again for all the helpful advice



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its so exciting, my husband can't wait to see her, not that she has laid anything yet :lol: I think that both the girls think he is some kind of cockeral ( now I can hear lots of loud laughter here) but its true they can here him coming up the garden which is about 140ft long before they even see him, I keep saying he must have his chicken lickin aftershave on as they goes bananas when they see him :lol: does anybody elses chicken behave in this way, loved to hear other stories.

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Ours race to the nearest bit of pen when they hear the key in the back door, and follow me along in the hope of food. :roll:

The chickens crouch for OH without him even touching them sometimes. With me they sometimes don't even crouch and run off to avoid being stroked/captured :(

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