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Chickens in the house!

Do you allow your chickens in the house?  

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  1. 1. Do you allow your chickens in the house?

    • No, and they have never been inside
    • No, but it does not stop them popping in every now and then un-invited
    • Yes, but only in a restricted area (because its tiled)
    • Yes, and they have their own feeding bowls
    • Yes, they have free run of the house

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Our girlies break through the bead curtain sometimes, and appear at the living room door, when least expected. Chookiehubbie usually chases them, while muttering under his breath about leaving the oven door open in future......................

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Ours come into the kitchen uninvited to say hello and to see what's on offer. They stick their chests out, lengthen their neck, and look up with one eye (would stand on tippy toes if they could) to see if they can see what's on the worktop. A few clucks, and they're off again searching for a bug outside :roll::lol:

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We've had our two chooks less than two weeks, and already we have turned round in the kitchen to find them creeping in. :lol: Has anyone else had experience of them trying (or managing!) to get in the cat flap? :?: Our cat flap is see through and on a few occasions we have found them peering inside - usually when we've been out in the garden and then come back in but closed the door behind us. Yesterday my OH actually saw one of them pecking at the cat flap but not quite managing to open it. :shock:

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Harriet pecks on the see-through cat flap if the backdoor is shut and she wants "in". she has a midnight (8pm) treat by th fire for 5 mins before going to bed.


my lodger was not too impressed yesturday when she wandered in while he was eating dinner... as she jumped on the arm of the sofa, and was "eye-ing" up his pea's and sweetcorn!



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Mine continually try to get in, probably our fault because at first we did encourage it, in the name of taming them, and the novelty of hugging a chicken :oops: Also the first few nights of introducing Phil & Brie they were allowed to settle indoors before posting them into Onion in the eglu. But the novelty of clearing up chicken poo wore off long ago, so they are not allowed in the house, except for Zola when she comes in briefly for her medicine.... and then she's held, not free-ranging around the place.

Sounds great doesn't it :? .

Problem is, try telling them that :roll: .

Leave the back door open for a split second and it's charge of the chicken brigade, straight in, then we spend the next few minutes rounding them up and chasing them out again. Also Brie & Phil have mastere the art of flying in through the conservatory windows, so I sometimes feel like I'm fighting a losing battle :roll:

I'm not admitting defeat yet though, but I can sense that I might in winter when it's cold out there for them :roll:

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We've had our girls for 12 days now and it was on their 3rd 'free-ranging' day that they ventured into the house to investigate. Since then they have been further - through the Dining Room (where they love to clear up all the crumbs which I haven't got time to vacuum up any more because I have to read this forum :!: ) and into the Sitting Room. I'm not sure how much I'll encourage this because I didn't enjoy the clearing up. :roll:


Yesterday though it started to rain while they were out in the garden. I had thoughtfully hooked the rain cover over their run so they had some shelter, but they thought it best to hurry into our house to take cover under the table. :!: Funny things :o

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