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i am just making some home made marshmallow, i have no made it before and i am quite excited to see how it turns out.


its from james martin's book called desserts, also from the program sweet baby james. a show all about cakes and puddingsm what more could you ask for.


if it turns out well i will post the recipe. if not i will post it any way to see if any of you have better look. (the good news is its looking good so far..............................................)

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455 sugar

1 tbsp liquid glucose

9 sheets of gelatine

2 large egg whites

1 tsp vanilla extract

oil for greasing icing sugar for dusting corn flour for dusting


put the suger glucose and 200ml of water in a large heavy saucepan. bring to the boil and cook until it reaces 260f on a sugar themometer

meanwhile soak the gelatine in 140 cold water.

beat the egg white untill stiff.

when the sugar water is up to temperature slide in the gelatine sheets and the soaking water. (it will bubble up) then pour the mixture into a jug.

continue to beat the whites (prefereably an electric whisk) whilst pouring in the hot syrup from the jug.

it will become shiny and start to thicken. add the extract and keep whisking for 10-15 minutes. the mix should hold its shape.

lightly grease shallow baking tray, dust it with icing sugar and corn flour, then spoon in the mixture.leave to set in the fridge. for at least an hour.


you can put half the mixture on the throw on some berries and top with the rest of the mix. for anice fruity alternative.



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Have you seen the little marshmallow pots that we now do in M&S, they come with a little bag of marshmallows, sticks and a pot of chocolate. ummmmmmmmmmmm yummy.

As for the calories... :silenced::silenced::silenced:


Though i will say that i would rather buy a normal bag of marshmallows and a big pot of the chocolate sauce, ...... might last me a little longer... :lol::lol:

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I recently found a little fondue set on sale in the Co-op - tealight stand, bowl and pointy sticks. I buy a giant size bar of cadburys (only need up to half of it though), dishes of marshmallows, strawberries and whatever else I can find. We have it after tea sometimes for desert - satisfies everyones cravings for chocolate and sweets VERY quickly! :lol:

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