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Cate in NZ

For all those of you who've ordered a cube

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Is anyone intending to buy just the Cube and pop it into a run area instead?

Yes thats exactly what we're going to do. :D We've ordered a cube, (although the OH would only let me get a green one - I musn't complain), which is arriving soon. I'm really upset I'll be at work and miss the Omlet van coming to our house(I'm sad I know).

Anyway our 2 eglus open up into a hugh run and we intend to replace them with one cube. I love to see the chickens roaming round the run and the extensions on the eglus just didn't seem big enough to me. I must admit I am a bit of a softy and I'm sure the chickens think that the runs are fine. I'm not sure about the new run though it looks smaller than the original run but I'm sure the guys at Omlet have researched everything. Looking forward to the delivery of our CUBE.


PS we have 8 hens now, I'll have to update my listing

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Hi , me too - I have my eglu in a large run so my cube will replace it . It's all happening on 16th May & I can't wait !!!!! :lol: the fox got my 2 chooks ( in the late afternoon - in broad daylight!) while they were free ranging in the garden & the 3 rd hen left ( Stuart) is so lonely . We're giving her loads of attention but I guess at night , alone in the eglu , it's not the same. Jenny

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It does look great,doesn't it?

I will admit that I really didn't like it when we saw the first pictures,but it has grown on me now :D


I am stuck as to what to do though.

I have a big walk in pen with my 5 hens & their green Eglu,then a smaller add-on for the 3 little Bantams & their Pink Eglu.

I would ideally like 3 more big hens & I know there is enough space in the big pen for that amount,along with my 5 hens.But the introductions I am NOT looking forward to :roll::roll::roll:


Or,I could knock the 2 runs into 1,to make an even bigger pen & have the Bants on the lawn...............

Or keep both pens as they are & have a seperate new flock in the Cube...............



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