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Biker Chick

Egg Eating Brenda

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I have had my suspicions about Brenda, our little maran, for a long time being the egg eater and have caught her looking very guilty many times. However, I usually get to the eggs before her, but not today!! There she was in the nest box with an broken egg standing on its end. There were quite a few blood splatters in the next box and then I found that Brenda must have cut her comb on the sharp edges of the broken egg. Her comb looks quite nasty and bloody but she is the only one of our 7 girls that just will not let you hold her (infact you cant get near her). Obviously I cant get near enough to her to spray the "purple sparay" on her wound, as it would probably end up in her eyes....so I shall just have to keep an eye on her. Apart from that, what on earth can I do to deter her from eating the eggs, should I not get there before her?? :?


Thanks for any advice that you can offer on a) what should I do about her comb and b) the egg eating :wall:

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I've got an egg eater and so far its been impossible to stop her. She doesn't eat her own eggs, only those laid by Beatrice. At the moment, Bea isn't laying and I had a cube for Xmas so their accomodation is different. I am hoping that Bea's break in laying coupled with the change of housing will be enough to have broken the habit. I tried absolutely everything - mustard eggs, pot eggs, rubber eggs, golf balls, water pistol, separating her when Bea was laying (but she was like lightening and still got there first). I always thought it very strange that she didn't eat her own eggs - even when there were two in the nesting box! She must have good eyesight or sense of smell! Fingers crossed that the cube will work (expensive solution though!)

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Hi Biker Chick

We've had the same egg eating problem and had success with a roll-away nest box. Mr Wolfie made one! He who never had a wood-working lesson in his life! :D You can buy roll-away inserts too. Go "Google" :!:


From what I've read, egg eating is a bad vice which once one hen does it, the rest copy. :shameonu:


How about fishing your Marans out of bed to check her comb? I'd just ask someone to shield her eyes with their hand whilst spraying the purple spray. Perhaps put some rubber gloves on first ... :wink:


Good luck - let us know how you get on.

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