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need advice on fencing my veg raised beds

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hello everyone!

9 days until i receive my eglu and two hens!

i decided to call them Rose Marple and Nessa Daisie!


i posted a message asking about managing hens and a veg plot in the same garden; clearly i need to fence up the veg patches!


the thing is that i like to pick my veg when i need them as opposed to harvesting the lot in one go.

has anyone got any trick or technique to be able to remove the fencing and put it back up quickly?


also, is it true that the hens will eventually destroy my lawn?


getting hens is a big new thing for me.

it is very exciting :lol: , but i must say i am getting quite anxious :?


anyway... i can't wait really!!

Bisou a tout le monde!


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About the veg. patch. I've used the 25m Omlet netting, staking it in a permanent position, with any extra length rolled up at the fixed end. At the other end, I just lift up the last pole everytime I want to go in/out, but leave the rest in place, it works well.


They will scratch up some plants, but vulnerable favourites can be protected, and there are others (shrubs, hebes, lavender, rosemary,) which seem to survive.


A garden looks empty without hens,and plants, I'm sure you'll find a way to enjoy both.


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I only have 2 raised beds and both have chicken wire around them. I don't have to move it as I can just reach in when I want something. However there is only small stuff in there at the moment - radish, rocker, lettuce and broad beans, plus carrots, parsnips, fennel just starting. Not sure if the chickens will want to try and jump in as stuff gets bigger (and the grass gets sp"Ooops, word censored!"r....). May have to think again.

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I have 10 raised bed and have fenced off all as the girls will scoff anything nearly.


I used metal washing props plus vegetable/fruit netting this does the trick.I create doors by overlaping the netting pole by half a side then remove to get access for picking.


I net the tops where I plant cabagges /peas stops butterflies and birds.

the washing prop poles only cost 1.50 each and are telescopic. :lol:

hope this helps.

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Luckily my veg patch is surrounded on three sides, by fence, greenhouse and shrubbery so I only need to block one side.


Took my eye off it for 30 seconds yesterday while fixing my newly-acquired run convertor (and cursing the Omlet clips, my fingers are sore today!) When I looked round Hilda was tucking into my spinach :cry: and had uprooted several baby carrots with her feet as she did so :cry::cry:


My own fault - so I've bought some expanding willow trellis, I should be able to just stretch it across the opening, and either push it back or lift it out of the way when I want to get in there.


I bought mine for £9.99 in Homebase - and then saw the identical thing in Morrisons for £5.99! :evil:

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I have just used some plain run of the mill green netting from the garden centre and 'weaved' bamboo canes through it which i have then pushed into the soil.


When i want to enter the vegy plot i just lift one cane and swing it to one side to allow access.


If i am doing a bigger job i push all the netting down to the bottom of the canes allowing me to step over it or get the wheel barrow in :D

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Sorry to butt in, but whilst we're on the subject, how high does the netting or trellis stuff need to be? I know they can't fly as such, but I thought they could do a pretty good flapping jump?


I'm also keen to keep my veggies, fruit and plants as well as my lawn, altho I would think that this time next year I might look back at this post and laugh at myself!! :wink:


Mrs B

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I also use the 2ft high stuff, stiffish green plastic off a roll from the garden centre. Works a treat, they just walk round the veg beds, but do poke their heads through to peck at favourites - brocoli & pea foliage, so don't plant these too close to the edges.

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The Omlet netting keeps mine in and that's 4ft high but beware some breeds can easily get over that.


I have just been looking out of the kitchen window and watch my two miss pepperpots (which i have called Steve and Mcqeen) jump on the eglu run and launch themselves off it clearing the 4ft omlet run! They are now running a muck in my garden, i suppose i better go and get my wellies :lol:


I have clipped their wings too, i cant wait for my cube, that will keep the little devils in.

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