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What is going on?

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I need some advice please from you wonderful people.

I've been really :shock: today. Shadow (who seems to be about to lay any day now) has always been at the bottom of the pecking order with our 3 hens and all 3 have been getting along merrily the past few weeks.

But...today Shadow has been viciously pecking Psycho - the middle hen.

I always thought that if the pecking order had been established and that none of the hens are removed from the flock at any time, then the order wouldn't change?!

Can anyone shed any light on what is going on please? I thought we were over all the nastiness :?

Thank you in advance. :)

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Our pecking order was dependant upon who laid first. Florrie laid first - top chook. Fizz laid last so bottom chook. Pom and Bella started laying at the same time so still haven't quite decided who's second in command. :roll: Every now and again they have a real go at each other (funny because Bella is so much smaller than Pom). Never serious though. :lol:

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Ohhh...that's interesting! Shadow may go from being the bullied into the bully then! :shock:

If laying does change things then it will be a complete shift around for our girls as Paisley was the first chook to arrive and asserted herself with the other two new arrivals as top chook but... it 'looks' as though she is going to be last to lay as her comb and wattles are still v. pink and so, she could end up being bottom chook soon.

I feel we may have some interesting times ahead of us...

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