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Kitchen Invaders.......

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Glad to see it's not just my girls that like to come in doors. You can't open the back door without them running at full speed to hop indoors. Their latest trick is to stand at the end of the garden making 'Chickens being murdered' clucks resulting in me running out at full speed to rescue them only to discover they are now running straight past me, in through the foolishly left open back door. They are quite at home sitting in the conservatory although the cat's not to impressed!


Pam, Babs and Ginger


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No apologies necessary, I delighted the picture got selected :lol: . I live in hope that it might get added to the library of pictures used on the front page of the omlet.co.uk web site.


I don’t know who the ‘web master’ for the site is, but if it’s you, could the short caption against the 27th September Newsletter edition state “Katie’s Chickens� rather than “Sian’s Chickens� (see http://www.omlet.co.uk/club/library/library.php Thank you!



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