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surprise pressie - but when?

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Just browsing forum while visiting friends in Spain (sorry, but it's lovely & sunny here). My Birthday is tomorrow and my hubby has just given me my present - NO, NOT THAT SORT! but......wait for it......A new cube!!!!!!


Apparently he ordered it on the internet before we came out about 5th May and was given 17th as a delivery date which was ok as we'll be back by then.


Now i've just read all the posts about delays so does this mean we won't be getting it, it may be that someone has been trying to get us by phone but not successful, we've checked our e-mails and there's nothing there so maybe we're still on for the 17th? If anyone's got inside information please let me know. Maybe my Birthday pressie will have to wait.

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The long wait sort of takes some of the pleasure away....


I ordered mine on the 13th :shock: April and I had a call on Friday to say it's delayed and no delivery date available :cry: (I already had been given a "firm" date last week)


They say that they are delivering in strict first come first served basis which is fair enough - but I wonder how many people have ordered :?:

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They can't get their finger out yet - cos they have to be trained and that takes 2 weeks so Johannes said.


So they will be getting their fingers in :lol::lol:


Avatar for that ? Go on, there must be one there somewhere. I am computer illiterate so don't ask me to find one :lol::lol::lol:

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Thanks claire,

I'm having the cube "up top" to replace the eglu which I'm going to keep at No 1 step-son's for chicken holidays 8) . Hoping to get a couple more chooks when cube is up & running and Lily & Bluebell are used to it.


Glad wormies are ok - can get flooded out in this weather. :roll:

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