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Sorry, need to have a rant...

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Just got home from a maths lecture at uni - for those of you who don't know, I'm teacher training at the mo...


I'm so cross...so, so SO cross!


People wonder why we have some children in this world that are really messed up - it's because we (well, currently you as tax payers!) pay what I'd imagine are fat, balding men to sit in government offices to make up completely stupid new (or at least new to me) names for things!


Imagine the shape of an A4 piece of paper - what's it called? A rectangle? That's what I've been calling it for the last 23 years but I'm not allowed to tell children that anymore - it is in fact to be known as an oblong! Apparently, the word 'rectangle' refers to the family of 4 sided right angled shapes. Therefore, the shape with 4 equal length sides with 4 right angles that I would always call a square now has to be referred to as not only a square but also a regular rectangle! Completely bl**dy loopy!


Oh and circles no longer have one side - they have an infinite number of sides...


And, when teaching 2D shapes, I'm not allowed to give children squares etc. etc. cut out of paper to look at and use because as soon as they are cut out apparently they have a volume and so are 3D shapes - I'm only allowed to draw them...


I'm confused let alone our poor children!


Sorry, ok, rant over. I'm sure there are people out there who completely agree with oblongs and regular rectangles but if I've coped for 23 years calling them squares and rectangles, why do we have to change it?!

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I don't envy you at all Kate. They change the methods of teaching more often than they change their socks! My youngest was taught so many different methods to do simple multiplication that he got in a pickle and didn't understand! If they let the teachers teach one way and reinforce the method over and over again, these poor children might stand a chance of grasping maths.


Hope you feel a bit better for your rant but I bet you're still fuming!

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:shock: Well, I'm sure they're not going to let you use pints and fluid ounces! :roll:


My grandchildren, 5 and 7, do say squares and rectangles, I suppose they will have to change? The 7 year old had Maths homework and asked me about the 'number line' :? Neither I nor her mother had any idea what she was talking about :?:(

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KateB, you have my support and sympathy's...both my hubby and I teach, so can empathise with your frustration.


Our rant at the moment is OFSTED - you know the ones....the really experienced teachers who have left the profession to offer their good advice in how to teach. What a complete load of jobsworths they are.


I tell you what they are...people who couldn't handle teaching or simply couldn't teach, so have decided to contribute their wealth of knowledge in advising the teachers who are commited to the profession, 'how to teach' :evil:

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:wink: Lesley a number line is basically ....


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 etc along the top of the page, the kids then have sums to do .. say 3 + 5 .... so you start with a pencil on number 3 and count along 5 .. to get the answer 8.


Sometimes if they have say 2 + 7 .. the teachers will encourage the kids to start at the larger number then add, hence 7 + 2 .. which is quicker and easier to get to.


Hope this helps ... :idea::wink:

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Slightly off topic, but I saw this and thought of your post Sarahjo...


The math teacher saw that Johnny wasn't paying attention in class.

She called on him and said, "Johnny! What are 2 and 4 and 28 and 44?"


Little Johnny quickly replied, "NBC, CBS, HBO and the Cartoon Network!" :D

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Funny, but I'm sure it's happened... As I heard whilst I was working as a teaching assistant - 'Oi, Miss, what were those people called at the beginning of the Bible - those ones that were the first on earth that that bloke made? Oh, yeah, I remember - weren't they called Les and Janice?' and I'd like to be able to tell you I'm joking... but I'm not... :shock:


But my favourite was last year whilst I was being observed by my uni tutor. I was taking a literacy lesson and I asked the children what a thesaurus was...then, one gorgeous little girl put her hand up and told me it was a type of dinosaur... It's that kind of thing that just makes it all so worth while - still makes me smile now!


Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow - I've got my first day in my new school - 30 year 1s!

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Work ethics are the same whereever you work it seems.


We've been drumming into our new 18 year old students that they are now adults and have to learn and study and be responsible for their own actions - like adults...yet when the students request to stay after 5pm and work late on their projects, the university will not allow them to incase they 'hurt' themselves while not under supervision!! WHAT !!!


It's just ridiculas. I've been arguing back and forth with the risk assessment guys this morning and the only thing I have acheived is a rather large headache.


Surely, the simple answer is to risk assess the room (which is empty apart from tables and chairs, but they might stub their toe on a table leg) and get the adults/students to sign a form. The uni are so scared of being sued, they see that as far more important than the development of their 'paying' students.


GRRRRR :evil:

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Please don't get me started on the NHS! I'm still working as a nurse, in a GP's surgery, and I just get sooo cross. Bureaucrats telling highly experienced Doctors what to do, with minimal understanding of medicine. The forests that have been sacrificed to print the copiuos amounts of guidance that has to be followed. The new GP contract which makes payments on tasks. Do you get asked by your GP or nurse whether or not you smoke or drink last time you went in to see them? Yep, we get paid for being able to prove that we asked a high percentage of our clients just that. We get paid if we take a peak flow reading from those with asthma, doesn't seem to matter what we do with that information after though, or whether they can actually use their inhalers or lead a normal life ... and so on :evil:

Do you have problems getting an appointment when you want one..... yes, good old 48hr access in action. If you don't want a same day appointment it's hardly worth trying to make one in most areas, but that leads to over treatment of a lot of minor illness. Things like sore throats generally don't need seeing on the first day, but should be seen after 3 days if it's not resolving, instead we get surgeries packed with things like that.

And don't get me started on what's happening to elderly care. I get s frustrated about some of our old folk, who need a little care and assistance, but it's not a very sexy area of healthcare, and hopelessly under-resourced. Our district nursing service is being re-organised, and there are some very nasty rumours flying around, only rumour I hasten to add, but if even a quarter of what I'm hearing is true I'm appalled :twisted: .

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Dan and Kate, don't get me started on NHS


I had physio but they wouldn't help with my back problem caused by my knee injury because i was referred with a knee injury not a back problem. :evil:


I have TWO UR Numbers (Unique Reference :roll: ) and each time I go they only have half my notes :evil:


My Consultant has only seen me walk three steps but is qualified to write to my GP about the distance i can walk - doesn't matter that i can't manage stairs :evil:


Stopped at GP's to collect prescription, couldn't park due to Stratford's new parking system, double parked and was 4 mins - received a parking ticket :evil:


Can't make an appt. for Mondays because they are kept free for same day appts. :evil:


Can't make an appt. for two weeks ahead as asked by GP :evil:


I could go on but don't want to give myself any more problems :roll:

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