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didn't expect this....

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My three girls are settling in quite well...the one I have named Tallulah was quite poor yesterday and I was getting worried...but today gosh what a transformation....I got up at 7am in dressing gown to let them out.......I have been out most of the day Jump Judging at a one day event which a friend who was taking part in it..... Got home at 4-30 ish and low and behold I have 3 eggs....

Well with one from yesterday evening that makes 4 in 24 hours :shock:

Have to say Tallulah [the poor one] has taken charge and is bossing the other two around... Oh Dear what do you do in these situations?...leave them to it?

Any advice appreciated. I am hoping in a few days to net off [have some Omlet netting here] an area and I am hoping that if they can go out more free ranging this will stop any squabbles? :shock:


ME with first egg last night [ now have 3 more]


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Congratulations on all your eggs! 8)

You will get some squabbles at first as they have to discover a whole new pecking order to the one they have been used to. Best advice is to leave them too it unless blood is drawn, in which case remove the bleeder until stoppped otherwise they will peck any wounds. It can look quite scary sometimes when they fight, but is quite normal and needs to happen. Keep reading the posts on here as there are some good threads related to pecking order and bullying chickens. Sure all will soon be well. :D

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