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Hi all


Sad news I'm afraid. Found Ginger dead in the eglu this morning :cry:


She had been off her food for the last couple of days and I noticed that her poo was a bright yellow/green colour. She was just over 1 year old. Nutmeg now seems very lonely.


I have a few questions.


1. Do we wait for a while before we get a new chicken just to make sure Nutmeg is infection free (she seems fine at the moment)


2. Do we get another 1 or 2? Nutmeg is (was) the dominant one. Do 3 chickens fit OK in the eglu?


3. Where can we get one in the Swindon area? We've found these


[Cotswold Chickens]


Does anyone have any experience of them?

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Sorry to hear your news, it's always a shock when one of our chickens die.


I would recommend that you get a companion for Nutmeg as quickly as possible - chickens are sociable creatures, who enjoy being part of a flock, and will get very lonely if they don;t have feathered friends to scratch about with.


I would also suggest that 2 would be better than 1 - 3 chickens will live happily in the eglu, and you can never have too many chickens... :lol:

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Oh, poor Ginger .... I'm so sorry. I lost my Marigold on Tuesday, similar circumstances, found her dead in the eglu ... v sad.


Last time we lost one of our girls, we introduced 2 new ones (on the advice of all the helpful folks on the forum!) and it worked out really well. Apparently, it's ok to intro 2 new girls to one established hen, as she will already be the boss and the other two will have a friend to hang out with if there's any pecking!!


Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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So sorry to hear about Ginger, hope you are not feeling as sad.


You mention Cotswold Chickens, I highly reccomend them, Jude is fantastic. I got a goldline, a amberstar and a specklady on the 12th May and they are great girls. The Goldline (Amber) has laid 8 eggs so far, the first on the tuesday after I got her. I would give Jude a call & see what she has. Hope that helps.

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Hello & welcome

So sorry to hear about Ginger


We got 3 of our new girls from Cotswold chickens last week. The Bluebelle, Black Star & Amber star :D:D:D:D

There were a number of different breeds to choose from. Jude was very helpful, I highly recommend them

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They are really pretty. Always a good idea to introduce two and I am sure it will all settle down really quickly. It will help you all get over your loss. It is always sad when you lose a chicken but sometimes it just seems to happen for no obvious reason.

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