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Yes, i am so chuffed with them Emma and Karen - even just now at half 10 when i had to crawl into the muddy run in the pitch dark and pouring rain in my best jeans to try and encourage them into bed in the eglu! It was soooo worth it! :D:D


They love their pond but have not quite got the hang of getting in or out of it yet! The chickens have totally ignored them so far! The cats haven't met them yet but Milo the dog has given them a sniff!


My darling husband has taken to calling me 'mad duck woman'! What a charmer eh?! :wink::lol:

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[i would love some ducks but the OH needs persuading :lol:


Pop some in a quiet corner of the garden, and when he finds them you could just say 'What those old things? We've had them for ages!' :wink:


karen x



Or just ask if you can have some goats or pigs.

Then ducks wont seem such a big deal :wink:

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It has been ages Snowy! Can't believe they are finally here!


Last weekend was the only weekend i could get them for ages so I bit the bullet and did it, but have had to go on holiday, so my brother is looking after them for 4 days! I'm missing them! I hope he's helping them into the pond ok....


You should get some Chelsea - Didier the duck would be cool! :wink:

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