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Laura & CTB

This feels weird!!

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I'm sitting here having just finished decorating my son's bedroom cos it's his 18th birthday tomorrow.


Thought I'd pour myself a glass of champagne (well I like to start celebrations early :wink: ) and am drinking it out of a champagne flute that has Happy 18th Birthday etched on it that was given to me all those MANY years ago!!!


I'm not sure if I feel like I've come full circle or I'm just feeling my age :roll:


and what feels really strange is today is the last day I am offically responsible for him.........


anyone else been here done that???????

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Well said Lesley, my son is 21 :( and he left home last year :( everytime he goes back is a wrench, but they do still need you, but in a different way.Hes an only child as well :( I also think boys are different to girls, takes them a while to grow up! sorry boys :)

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I found my son was just as much a responsibility at 18 as he was at 17. I thought then that boys should not come of age until they were 21.


Now that he is 21, I am beginning to think that 25 might be about right. Girls may be grown up at 18, but boys just think they are.


:boohoo: As for myself, I never officially came of age: when I had my 18th birthday, people came of age at 21; then the law changed, so that when I had my 21st birthday, people came of age at 18.

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