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So a couple of weeks ago we finally got around to planting potatoes into tattie buckets, and they've started to grow!!!! When should I be covering them over - as soon as they sprouts show, or should they be allowed to grow up a bit first?


Am terribly excited, as I've never done potatoes before!

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for delicious new potatoes with that 'rub off skin' you can harvest early salad types when flowering.

For maincrops, wait til the flowers die back.


If your maincrops get blight, cut the plants at ground level (and burn them quick) then wait a further two weeks before harvesting the tubers.

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My potatoes appear to be growing, on avarage, an inch a day at the moment!


My Jerusalem Artichokes have failed to do anything. :(

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:dance: Whoopee! :D I've got flowers on my charlotte potatoes! Only buds at the moment, so does that mean I'll have spuds soon?


:oops: Just realised, I go on holiday for 2 weeks next week - I do have someone to water them, but will they be OK left in their bags until we get back?? :?

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What's 'earthing' them? :oops:


My mum planted half a bag in pots. They didnt flower, just grew and then turned yellow and droopy, so she dug them up and got reasonably sized new potatoes. I planted the other half-bag in pots two weeks later. Mine are still green and very tall, but there is the odd yellowing plant - no flowers.


Was mum right to dig them up when they turned yellow, or would they have flowered eventually?!

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