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Starting new thread as other thread is getting cluttered.


You could get a Foxwatch .....click here.....


Does anyone have any direct experience of Foxwatch ?

Does it really work ?

Is it really safe for all other animals (MUST be safe for my hedgehogs, birds, frogs and ideally cats)


Any info would be much appreciated - I know they give a guarantee but them they would, wouldn't they ?!


or alternative/better solutions ?



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It doesnt seem to make any difference in our garden Hazel. The fox visited the other night and it took us an hour to get it out, chasing it round the garden with a hose!


It was only a young one and I think it thought it was a great game. We didn't, in our dressing gowns! Luckily it was one of those warm nights. We saw it again a couple of days later, in broad daylight at 9am.


Anyone know anything about airguns??? :twisted:

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I've got one after one of my chooks got foxed.


I think it does work based on the following observations:

We've definitely got foxes living at the bottom of the garden, chooks being at the top and the land is sloped down away from the house.


The foxes are only seen at the bottom of the garden and not up the top now - where the foxwatch is.

Also, I have seen the new cubs that are now about in both of my next door neighbours garden, even up to the patio door in one of them, but not in ours.

So.....from that evidence, I take it that it's the foxwatch that keeps them at bay, but we still never let them out without us being here to oversee them. You cannot underestimate them!


Hope this helps.

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I'm not going to tell anyone that it works, as I have no proof, and I certainly don't want to be the person to blame if their chickens still get foxed.... :cry:


All I can say is that the foxes who play every morning and evening in my paddocks do not venture near my yard where the chickens are. That may be due to the foxwatch, it may not.


I hasten to add that I never let my chickens out of their Omlet run unless I am there watching them.


I am happy that the fox watch is an added deterrent, but I think it is in proportion to the situation: The foxes where I am are wild, not tame, therefore very cautious of humans and habitations. They are well fed on local rabbits (thank goodness) and my hens are not an easy target.


Bear in mind also that the range of a foxwatch is very limited! Its scope is something like 120 degrees and for only 40 foot or so, so again, you would have to make your chicken's free ranging area matches this, as the moment they leave that range, presumably, it wouldn't trigger the noise, adn the fox would be quite happy to be there.


It sounds like I am putting you off. I am not. I am very happy to have it. I think it helps to deter the fox from venturing near my hens. I am just saying it is another deterrent, not a total cure. I wouldn't just leave my hens to its mercy... :D


Hope that helps!

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I'm not going to tell anyone that it works, as I have no proof, and I certainly don't want to be the person to blame if their chickens still get foxed.... :cry:

Hope that helps!


Yes - it does help - thanks.

And no, I won't blame anyone else - all situations are different so theres no guarantee that if it works on one fox it will work on another.


but if everyone said they didn't work, then I wouldn't spend the money.


I only let them free range if I'm out there - I've never seen a fox except at dusk/dawn - this would be a belt and braces approach.

I'm afraid, nothing (within reason !) is too much for my girls !!

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I have one on at night, which is the time they are most likely to visit. I am relatively happy during the day and usually I'm around if they are freeranging in their big pen.

I don't know if it works or not, the information suggests it works on persistant foxes that learn to avoid the noise over about 3 weeks, and I don't know how often our foxes visit. It makes me feel there is an extra barrier there which makes me feel happier.

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